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March 10, 2021


In this piece of writing, you will find all you need to know before flying from Atlanta to Tampa. Thus before even making any flight reservations to Tampa with any airlines, scan the information below to come across the information you need.

This writing deals with the headings such as all the airlines offering Atlanta-to-Tampa flights, fares’ comparison, information about airports in Tampa, ways to get cheap flights, things to do in Tampa, weather conditions in Tampa, and ultimately, guidelines of CDC for Covid-19 prevention.

Thus this is where you need to spend some time before going to Tampa from Atlanta by air.

All the Airlines Offering Flights from Atlanta to Tampa and the Fares

The following airlines offer flights en route from Atlanta to Tampa:








The table below shows how much the preceding airlines charge in terms of fares for the economy class for the flights they offer en route from Atlanta to Tampa.

Airlines that fly to Tampa from AtlantaAverage One-Way Fare RangesAverage Round-Trip Fare RangesAverage Duration on a Direct FlightAverage Duration on an Indirect FlightNo. of Stops en route on average
Frontier$30-$150$120-$2361-2 hours11-12 hours0-1 stop
Spirit$20-$55$60-$1001-2 hours4-10 hours0-1 stop
American$60-$150$100-$200———————–4-7 hours1 stop
Delta$60-$70$70-$1001-2 hours———————-0 stop
United$100-$200$100-$400———————–4-12 hours1 stop
JetBlue$150-$180$180-$250———————–7-10 hours1 stop
Southwest$70-$150$100-$2001-2 hours4-6 hours0-1 stop

Airports in Tampa

Mainly, there are a total of three international airports in the Tampa area, namely,

  • Tampa International Airport
  • Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport
  • St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport

Out of these three international airports, the most important ones from which airlines offering flights en route from Atlanta to Tampa operate are given below, along with the information you might find important:

Tampa International Airport

Airport: Tampa International AirportInformation
Airport typePublic
Airport codeIATA: TAP
LocationTampa, Town ‘n’ Country, Florida, U.S.
ServesTampa Bay Area
TerminalsThere are four active terminals or Airsides, which are, A, C, E, and F. 
Specific Terminals for Specific AirlinesFrontier: Airside E
Spirit: Airside A
American: Airside F
Delta: Airside E
United: Airside A
JetBlue: Airside A
Southwest: Airside C

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

Airport Information
Airport typePublic
Airport codeIATA: SRQ
LocationSarasota, FloridaManatee/Sarasota Counties
ServesSarasota Metropolitan Area
TerminalsThere are a total of two terminals, namely, Terminals B, and D.
Terminal B has 13 gates, and it is the main terminal at the airport. After it, there comes Terminal D that is subordinate to Terminal B.
Specific Terminals for SpiritTerminal B is the main terminal at the airport, and thus almost every airline operates from this terminal.

How to Get Cheap-Flight Deals from Atlanta to Tampa? 

Although air travel is the most expensive way of traveling among other ways of transportation, still you can make it cheaper than usual by the use of the tips on how to get cheap flights; these tips are discussed below at length. Hence it has now become easy for everyone to fly cheap to any destination in the world with these tips.

Tips and Tricks Concise Elaboration
Book your flights in advance:It always works to book in advance. If you book your flight in advance with any airline, it costs you less than the amount of money you have to pay if you make reservations only one or two days prior to your departure. Thus you should always -if possible- book your flights well one or two weeks or months in advance to get the cheapest deal available.
Redeem your miles to book an awarded flight:Apart from the first one, the second tip on how to fly cheap is you taking the advantage of the frequent-flyer programs of airlines. Every airline runs its frequent-flyer program to let the frequent customers earn some special points in terms of miles every time they make purchases with it and these earned or rewarded points or miles can be later redeemed to purchase new flights without paying any money at all. Hence this way, you can also fly cheap because you do not have to pay any money for such flights purchased through miles; these flights are often called award flights. 
Pay a visit to the destination during the off-season:Whatever the place it is, if it is a tourist spot, then it is bound to have its peak, shoulder, and off-seasons. Thus if you want to save money while flying somewhere, you are advised to fly off-season because, during the off-season, Airlines offer cheaper flights than usual.
Visit low fare calendar before booking:Before booking any flight anywhere, we strongly recommend that you do not forget to have a careful look at the low fare calendar so that you can decide your flight on the day when the airline you are flying with is flying cheaper than usual. And, thus, you can save some money and fly cheap.

Fly on direct flights rather than on indirect ones:
Apart from everything, it is also seen that direct flights tend to cost less than indirect ones. Thus the piece of advice is to always fly on a flight that is going to your destination directly; a direct flight saves both time and money.

Things to do in Tampa

Some of the many tourist attractions in Tampa are listed below that you might find interesting enough to enjoy your free time here:

  • The Best Places to Visit in Tampa
Busch Gardens
Museum of Science and Industry
Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park
Henry B. Plant Museum
Florida Aquarium
Big Cat Rescue
Glazer Children’s Museum
Tampa Theatre
Tampa Bay History Centre
Adventure Island
  • The Best Time to Fly to Tampa
The best timeWhy is it the best?

The hotels in Tampa on average offer cheaper prices during September, October, November, and December than any other month and thus it might be a valid reason for you to justify your visit to Tampa during these four months.

During May-August, Tampa’s tourist spots become full of visitors; in other words, it turns into the busiest city with its tourist areas being visited by people from all over the world. Thus this time of the year might not be a good choice for visiting Tampa from the perspective of fewer crowds.

The time between the months of January and April is not good enough too for visiting Tampa as it becomes cooler and more expensive during these months of the year here.

Therefore September-December seems to be the right time to visit Tampa as per the reasons discussed above.

Weather Conditions in Tampa

The table below summarizes the average low and high weather conditions in Tampa.

Avg High71 F73 F77 F82 F88 F90 F90 F90 F89 F84 F78 F73 F
Avg Low52 F54 F59 F64 F70 F75 F76 F76 F74 F67 F60 F55 F

Requirements and Recommendations by CDC for Covid-19 Prevention

The content of the following table below is what CDC demands to be followed by you while you fly somewhere. Thus during your flight to Tampa from Atlanta, you are required and recommended to behave in such a way as follows.

Required: Masks are mandatory.Recommended: Protect Yourself, and Others as it is a good and healthy habit during the covid19 pandemic.
Cdc requires every flyer to wear a mask over their face in such a way that it is over the nose and mouth. Such wearing of a face mask is to be observed only in indoor areas of public transportation like planes and airports.Apart from the requirement of wearing masks, there are a number of recommendations too.

First, Cdc recommends that flyers should also observe the guidelines being followed at the destination apart from wearing a mask and staying 6 feet (2 meters) apart from others.

Next, Cdc recommends that travelers who are 2-year-old or more should wear masks inside public places under the following circumstances:

if they are not fully vaccinated; or

if they are fully vaccinated but being in an
area with high transmission of covid 19
; or

if they are fully vaccinated but having weak

Moreover, Cdc recommends that flyers should consider wearing masks in the outdoor areas that are crowded and highly sensitive with respect to covid 19 cases.

Finally, Cdc recommends that people traveling through flights should wash and sanitize their hands on a timely basis. And, it is also recommended to use a sanitizer having 60% alcoholic content in it.


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