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March 10, 2021


A complete guide for your trip between Atlanta and Tampa.

Atlanta and Tampa are two must-go-to places in Georgia and Florida of the USA, at least once in a lifetime. We all have our most desired places to visit list. And Atlanta and Tampa must be on your bucket list. And if not added yet, you must add it and visit this place soon. All of us desire to visit a site with beauty, history, fun, and landscape. Well, Tampa and Atlanta are all those places that anyone could ask for a fun trip. They have lots of parks for the kids to play in, a zoo, historical museums, art museums, diverse cultures, and happening nightlife. These states also offer many mouth-watering cuisines, which will satisfy the deep hunger for delicious food. Many people travel here for vacations and fall in love with these cities, and permanently shift here. Many people also travel here for career options and education purposes. Atlanta and Tampa are both the economic hub of Georgia and Florida, respectively. Therefore, many people even make a business trip to these destinations. Therefore, there are multiple flights with significant airlines working on these routes.

Explore Tampa 

Tampa is a city located on the west coast of the state of Florida, USA. It is the economic center of the west of Florida. Tampa is popularly known for the vast tourist attraction; it is a family holiday place with so much fun in the zoo or the amusement parks. Tampa has many museums and remarkable cultural history.

Things to do when you are in Tampa-

Busch Gardens 

Big Cat Rescue

Tampa Riverwalk

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Florida Aquarium

Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park

Flights to Tampa-

All flights that travel to Tampa are serviced by the Tampa International Airport (TPA). There are a total of 16 airlines that service en route to Tampa from 107 different airports from around the world.

The prominent airlines that operate in route to Tampa frequently from all over the world are-

Most of the flights to Tampa fly from Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago.  

 Atlanta to Tampa flights

Are you planning for a trip to Tampa from Atlanta? Well, that is an excellent plan. Is it a business trip or a family vacation? Tampa has the best to offer for its visitors. It is a great entertainer for all the people visiting Tampa. 

Most people visiting Tampa from anywhere across the world take a direct route from Atlanta to Tampa flights to get here. Therefore there are 463 flights to Tampa that fly directly from Atlanta, an average of 66 flights every day. 

There are four major commercial carrier flights to Tampa that fly from Atlanta are-

  • Southwest Airlines 139
  • Delta
  • Spirit Airlines 40
  • Frontier Airlines 15

Delta operates the largest number of flights to Tampa from Atlanta with 327 flights each month, Southwest Airlines has 139 flights each month, Spirit Airlines has 40 flights each month, and Frontier Airlines has 15 flights each month.

Important points for a Round-trip travel for Atlanta to Tampa Flights-

Some essential pointers to remember if you are planning a round trip for Atlanta to Tampa flights-

  1. You should be aware of the fact that how far are you traveling on your trip. The travel distance from Atlanta to Tampa is 407 miles.
  2. The time taken to travel the distance from Atlanta to the destination Tampa is about 1 hour and 22 minutes by a direct flight.
  3. The travel cost for a round-trip, on average, would cost up to $108. And for the best deal, you can also get tickets as low as $69.
  4. The cheapest day to travel to Tampa from Atlanta is Friday on average. And Saturday is the most expensive day to be traveling to this destination. 
  5. And tickets for July are the cheapest, as it is out of season.
  6. The morning flights on this route are much expensive as compared to the evening flights.
  7. Book your flights on a minimum of 18 days in advance of your travel to achieve the best rates.
  8. When flying from Atlanta, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and land in the Tampa International Airport. 

Explore Atlanta

Atlanta is a state in Georgia, which is the capital city of Georgia of the United States of America. Atlanta is also the largest city in the state. Atlanta is mostly known for its art museums, music culture, the town’s historic charm, and the sunny weather. It is easy to fall in love with this city. Diverse and vibrant culture, various communities, greenery all over the city. 

Atlanta welcomes people of all ages and communities. And the best time to visit Atlanta is March to May, when the weather is slightly warm but not very humid. Kids can play in the park, and the old can take a walk in the park. It is pleasant weather to be here. Whereas never plan for a vacation to place in the months of June, July, and August. The weather is very humid and hot, very unpleasant. Try to avoid these months for holidays unless on a business trip. Also, the cheapest rates are usually observed in the months of July as it is the off-season for any tourists to visit Atlanta because of its warm, humid weather.

Places to visit when you are in Atlanta-

Atlanta is a magnificent city. Be it a vacation trip or a business trip, and you must take some time and visit these places. If you are in Atlanta and don’t go to these places, then you have just wasted it all. It would be best to take some time for these historical places as Atlanta claims the home to CNN, Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, National Center for Civil and Human Rights. 

Other top attractions of Atlanta are-

The top attractions to visit in Atlanta are:

  • Piedmont Park
  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • Atlanta History Center
  • Swan house
  • Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail.
  • Fox Theatre.

Airlines that provide service to Atlanta

There are many airlines that fly to Atlanta. Total 18 airlines fly to Atlanta from around the world from 186 airports. The major airlines that operate direct flights to Atlanta are-





West Jet

Virgin Atlantic

Southwest Airline

Air France. 

Maximum flights to Atlanta jet off from the airports of Chicago, Dallas, and Houston. And the most frequent flyer from these cities are American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta, being the most picked one by passengers flying to Atlanta. Chicago is the most populated city; most travelers set off from here.

April is the cheapest month to fly to Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta. 

Flights from Tampa to Atlanta

Tampa and Atlanta are two places with the most frequently used routes. Most people book flights from Tampa to Atlanta. There are a total of 548 nonstop flights on this route every week. There are four major airlines that provide their services for flights from Tampa to Atlanta-

  • Delta airlines
  • Frontier airlines
  • Spirit airlines
  • Southwest airlines.

The airlines, as mentioned earlier, are the most reputed airlines in the USA. With these airlines, you can have hassle-free travel nonstop flights from Tampa to Atlanta. The journey with these world-class airlines is very smooth and cost-effective. 

Delta has a total of 380 flights to Atlanta per month. Southwest Airlines has 130 flights per month, and Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines have 49 flights and 26 flights per month on this route.

Important points to note for a round trip flight to Atlanta from Tampa-

It is essential for every person to know in detail about the travel details. Therefore here are some crucial pointers to remember while you are traveling on this route-

  1. A round trip from Tampa to Atlanta on average would cost up to $100. But the best deal can be as low as $67.  
  2. The best deals if you are flying from Tampa are found on Friday, and the most expensive is on Tuesday on the flights to Atlanta. 
  3. If you are traveling back from Atlanta to Tampa, Saturday is the most expensive day, and Friday is the cheapest day to fly back to Tampa.
  4. While flying from Tampa to Atlanta, you would cover a distance of 407 miles.
  5. And to travel 407miles from Tampa to Atlanta, it would take about 1 hour 34 minutes in total for a nonstop flight.
  6. Book your round-trip flights to Atlanta from Tampa on an average of 23 days in advance from the travel date.
  7. The airport you will be traveling from Tampa is Tampa International Airport and land in Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Atlanta. And vice versa on the way back.

There are multiple flights between Atlanta and Tampa, making it very easily accessible for any traveler to commute between these two destinations. Numerous airlines operate on these routes, and a total of more than 1000 flights are available at your disposal every week. You have very vast options to choose from at your convenience. If you like to travel, then these destinations should be a must on your wish list. Make sure to plan your trip to Tampa and Atlanta. Every year there is a massive rush of a crowd during the month of March, especially. Most people fly down to Atlanta or Tampa and book for a round trip to these destinations, back and forth. People book flights from Tampa to Atlanta and also Atlanta to Tampa flights. So don’t wait any longer. You should plan your trip to these two historically beautiful locations and experience the art, culture, diversity in community, and wildlife. Hurry and plan your trip with family, friends, or loved-ones. Trust it. You won’t regret this trip. Make a memorable and fun journey to Atlanta and Tampa.

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