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November 30, 2018

Book Flights from New York to Bangkok

Bangkok Booking Flight

Thailand is one of the most sought after tourist destination in world. Bangkok is the major highlight for any traveler booking trip to Thailand. If you are planning to visit Thailand or Bangkok from New York. Then Book Flights from New York to Bangkok with us. We can help you book cheap and viable tickets from destinations in the United States.

Call our experts and Book Flights from New York to Bangkok instantly. We are always ready to assist you with booking tickets at best and affordable prices. Our experts will also assist you to select best airlines for travelling via major airport in the United States. You will be sufficed with every bit of detail and information for your journey and fares.

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Most Popular destinations in the City of Bangkok

The Grand Palace and Wat Pho

The Grand Palace is a fabulous place to visit. It dwells within a walled complex, entering inside which is not allowed. However, you can feel free to take a walk around the palace that displays exquisite decor with spiked pagoda styled roofs. As a matter of fact, you can plan a half day tour in this historically rich tourist attraction where a melange of attractions like Buddhist temples and museums are placed. Make sure to visit early morning, dressed modestly, in order to get entry conveniently.

After spending the first half of your day here, you can visit Wat Pho, which is located at a walkable distance. This attraction is famed for the statue of Buddha that is 45 metre long and 15 metre high. Besides, this temple of Reclining Buddha is also popular for massage school where you can get a foot massage in the traditional medical school located inside Wat Pho. Book Flights from New York to Bangkok anytime with us.

House tour of Jim Thompson

In case you are wondering who is Jim Thompson, he was a spy, an architect, an operative in the OSS (office of strategic services) during the Second World War and a businessman who mysteriously disappeared from the Cameron Highlands in 1967. He was a popular silk merchant who helped popularize the Thai silk industry. There is a wonderful collection of his great work displayed in his home turned museum. And in order to see the antiques and silk collections, make sure to arrive a bit early at the Jim Thompson House Museum if you plan to sign up for a guided tour.

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